Thursday, September 21, 2006

At 6:30 last night, after finding out last minute that Zach Galifianakis and Demetri Martin weren't doing Invite Them Up, I went over to the Myspace Black Carpet screening of Borat. As I was walking to the theater, I was a little bit worried, anticipating a line of maybe 80-100 people, and I had no idea how many people were getting in. When I got there, I was surprised. The line went all the way from the front of the theater on 42nd st. to the edge of 8th ave... and around the corner, all the way down 8th ave., and then around the corner, down onto 41st st. Estimates from people around me who counted put us at the 250-300 person mark, and we found out only 400 people were getting in. Doors were supposed to open at 9, so we only had a couple of hours to wait. Things were looking good. Then at around 8:45, only minutes before the doors were supposed to open, NY's finest came around the corner and told everyone on 41st. that we weren't getting in and we had to leave. We were now loiterers. With nothing to do, I took the train down to the east village, hoping that Zach or Demetri would show and I would get to see two of my favorite comedians live for the first time. And thank Darius Rucker they did! They both showed up! And it turned out to be a great night after all!

After the show, I hung around the front of Riffifi's for awhile. Zach recognized me from earlier in the week and said I was a man of my word (I told him Monday I'd come see his next show). I found out that his uncle and my dad were college buddies in North Carolina. Matt Walsh was there, as were Leo Allen and Nick Kroll. But the highlight of my night was talking to Scot Armstrong about his new projects, mostly School for Scoundrels. He's nervous about it's numbers, seeing as it has some stiff competition (the Guardian, Jackass 2). I hope it does well though. The commercials may make it look bad, but supposedly they are misleading, and it's got a lot of familiar faces in it that I can't wait to see on the big screen (Jon Glaser, Aziz Ansari, Matt Walsh, Paul Scheer, Horatio, David Cross, Andy Daly). Scot, who contributed a lot to Elf, said Elf 2 got the axe. Which reminds me of a funny joke. Zach Galifianakis said he uses Axe Body Spray, or as black people call it, Ask Body Spray. Anyway, the official word is that Will Ferrell didn't want to get back in the tights. Too bad, because Scot said this one was actually really good- some sort of allegory of life. But he's happy that Will is starring in his newest movie about a 70's minor league ball (basketball? baseball? too loud to hear) team. Sounds like it'll be another hit.


At 9/22/06, 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


you should stop putting everything a comedian says to you on the internet. people are clearly being nice enough to be honest with you, but that doesn't mean they want that stuff broadcast online, for everyone's eyes, forever. just something to think about.

At 9/23/06, 2:04 AM, Blogger patrick said...

first off, i'm not posting anything that you can't find on other blogs and online forums- it's all been said before. i say stuff like "scot armstrong said elf 2 was good", "chris parnell is looking for work"- all kind of common sense stuff. don't worry, i won't give away any crucial details about the ending of school for scoundrels.

and listen, i wouldn't worry about this information being broadcasted to "everyone's eyes." i get like 5 hits a day.

At 10/2/06, 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how quickly popularity rises to bite you on the ass ...


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