Saturday, September 23, 2006

Yesterday I went down to Chinatown to pick up Katie! She took the Chinatown bus from D.C. and it didn't crash! We headed straight up to the Bloomberg Tower so I could give her a tour. It was 6:30 or so by the time we got to the building, so we were able to avoid all the suits that file out at 5, eager to get home and put more hair gel in so that they could go to a bar and get obnoxiously drunk to forget their day job. So that was good. No surprises on the tour. Oh, wait. Except for the snipers. I tried to take her out to show her the 6th floor patio where I sometimes eat lunch and I was yelled at, "Don't go out there sir!" At first I thought they were filming something. Then I saw the two beefy little men with bullet proof vests and sniper rifles. I later found out that there is some sort of posh restaurant at the bottom of our building, Le Cirque, where a lot of dignitaries go to waste money. The police had both sides of 59th street blocked off, I'm not sure that they were even letting pedestrian traffic through. With the whole U.N. thing this week, who knows, it could've been Chavez or Ahmadinejad or a number of other people who face daily assassination attempts. Anyway, Katie was quite impressed with the building, and the free snacks, and she even got to sit in Charlie's chair!

On the way home we saw Brian Williams walking away from the GE Building, telling whoever he was with that he was quitting NBC Nightly News and opening up a Thomas Kinkade gallery in West India. Oh, wait, is that the kind of stuff I shouldn't be broadcasting? Scratch all that then. We just saw him.

We walked by Victoria's Secret, who just happened to be throwing away a lot of good mannequin torsos and arms and such, so we took a few mementos. Look for good ways to use fake arms in the near future. We got home and sat on the roof and enjoyed the rest of our night.

In other news, I found out last night why I've recieved so many views from random people- apparently this little ol' blog that I started for my AIM friends to read about my new life in New York has become a newsource. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, seeing as how I am neither fair nor balanced, nor interested in honest news. In fact, I didn't even meet Chris Parnell. I'm just fucking amazing at Photoshop.
Nonetheless, I have become an "impromptu-citizen journalist blog proprieter," so I'll make my first correction like a real blogger would (or probably would not) do:

I mentioned in a previous entry that Tom Scharpling was at the Bro'in Out show last Monday. He was not. It was actually Andres du Bouchet, a very funny comedian who hosts Giant Tuesday Night at Riffifi's. So I've got to give him credit for the funniest part of the show that night. Oh yeah, and he said he's leaving SNL too.


At 9/24/06, 4:59 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hi Patrick,
I wrote that post you link above and am a big fan of your blog so far. No email on your site though, so I have to post here. Love to hear from you: Drop a line if you have a sec, def would love to connect.

Rachel Sklar


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