Friday, February 02, 2007

2econd Stage Theatre is Ageist

I don't often use this blog to slam people or public broadcasting television shows that have done me wrong, but the time has come for me to speak out about something.

My mom and sister are coming to visit this weekend, and my mom, a long-time Tony Shalhoub fan, wanted to see him in "The Scene." She also wanted to see Patricia Heaton, another star in the off-Broadway play, until I told her about the anti-stem cell research ads she made for the November elections. She had the same response I had when I found out about Heaton's ultra-conservative views: Yuck. But we still love Tony Shalhoub. We even have the first two seasons of Wings on DVD. So I looked into getting student tickets (okay, I'm technically not a student anymore, but I still have the ID) and found the following on the website:

"Student RUSH $15****One ticket per valid ID / full-time college or high school students only. No advance reservations. 1 hour prior to curtain only. Subject to availability."

Okay, I thought, only one ticket per person might be kind of difficult, but I think I can swing it. And $15 sure beats $75. So I called the 2econd Stage Theatre box office to investigate. And I found out something very interesting. There are no student tickets. There never were any student tickets. There never will be any student tickets. Instead of setting aside 10 or 20 student tickets a night so that humble college students like me can experience the culture and excitement of live theatre, 2econd Stage Theatre is selling ALL of their seats for full price and greedily making the most money they can.

So shame on you, 2econd Stage Theatre. Shame on you.
I'll take my business elsewhere. And then donate the money I saved getting student tickets to stem-cell research (or candy).


At 2/10/07, 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the scene and it sucked ass. walked out at intermission, which i never do. it was awful.


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