Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cash Cab On My Block

I've been watching Cash Cab for a couple of years now, and since moving to New York, I pay very close attention to the whereabouts of this money-dispensing game show in a van. Even though it seems like the cash cab keeps to the east side of town, and I rarely take cabs anyway, I still look out for it everytime I'm out. And I know it's been in my neighborhood before, because I've seen episodes where it's cruising down 9th Avenue, going under the Port Authority bus ramps, even picking up contestants right in front of Chickpea's vet! But today's episode hit a little too close to home. The cash cab was on my block. Not just my street. My block, people. It picked up 4 tourists from the bed and breakfast across the street and a few doors down from my building. If I only used my time wisely last week, I would've taken my camping chair out front and sat and waited all day until the famous cab pulled off of 10th Ave. onto my street. Then I would've hailed it down and taken it to Coney Island, racking up the most money ever awarded on the show. But instead, these 4 tourists who didn't even know about the show get the cab ride of a lifetime. I can only hope that this pick-up was one of those set-up pick-ups. Maybe the show's producers know one of the B&B employees, who tipped them off that this would be a rowdy bunch, worthy of camera time and the $850 they eventually won. Or maybe not.
I'll get you next time, Cash Cab.
Here are those lucky sons of guns getting picked up in front of the B&B across from my apt.
That church behind Ben Bailey is just a few doors down from my building!!!
That's my street corner!!!!!!!


At 6/3/07, 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not understand what the cash cab is. Please explain.


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