Saturday, March 15, 2008

Need Your Knives Sharpened?

During a stroll through Brooklyn's beautiful Fort Greene neighborhood, Katie and I encountered this vintage truck. It cruises the streets, ringing a loud bell along the way, alerting anyone in the area to bring out their knives and scissors. The drivers then sharpen the cutlery in the back of the truck. Perfect for that Patrick Bateman type who doesn't have the time to make the trip to wherever you actually get knives sharpened. And according to a sign on the back, it is Kosher-friendly.


At 3/15/08, 10:08 PM, Anonymous Bryan said...

That's pretty cool.

At 6/30/08, 4:55 AM, Anonymous herm said...

isnt it actually cheaper nowadays to just buy a new knife, like from JC Penny or something?


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