Tuesday, October 03, 2006

--It looks like SNL's back-half may finally have some competition. You see, Saturday night wasn't just a big night for Lorne and gang, it was also the premier of Comics Unleashed, a hilarious new talk show hosted by Entertainment Studio's own Byron Allen! Most talk shows follow the same dull fomat: monologue, famous guest plugs new project, less famous guest plugs less important project, and comedian/musician performs their best 5 minutes. If there's any time to fill at the end, the host will bring the comedian over to the couch for a round of questions that only today's top comedic talent could drum up. Well Comics Unleashed breaks the mold completely! It bypasses those middle steps and only features those wonderful lobs we've all come to love! In case you didn't tune in to Fox on Saturday, here are some of the highlight lead-ins of the night, courtesy of Byron Allen.

-"You know, one of the things you talk about that's really funny, I love it, you talk about people exaggerating and how that annoys you..."
cue hilarity about deceiving story details
-"Now you know traffic in L.A. is just totally getting out of control, I mean driving, it's just getting worse by the day, what's going on with you out there on the road?"
and cue wonderfully astute commentary on shared driving experiences
-"You always hear a lot of dumb stuff, you know people just saying dumb things. I know you talk about that a little bit..."
alright, that's it people, that's a wrap, let's get started on this week's According to Jim

--In other TV news, House of Carters is surprisingly good. I'm glad to see we're going back the trend of dysfunctional family reality shows to promote the albums of unfamous family members. The functional families were just so uninteresting (eh hem, Hogans). The only bad thing about the show was that I've longed for the day that my very eyes would see Aaron Carter getting beat up and now that I finally do, I feel bad for him. God damn E! and their pulling of my heart strings.

--Finally, I'd like to address a growing problem at the UCB. Lately I've experienced the extremes of audience smell. Sunday night at the 9:30 ASSSCAT I was surrounded by body odor that was so rank I could've sworn I was back at the Del Close marathon. Then last night at Crash Test I was trapped in a cloud of Tag body spray. Since when did the UCB advertise in New Jersey? I have a solution though.
Hire Yolanda Martin, the star of A&E's Airline. Whether it's an oblivious Indian woman or a drunken 80 year old, Yolanda knows the perfect thing to say to any customer who smells too horrible to board a plane. At least keep a change of clothes on hand. Maybe a Ramones shirt for the "I'm too punk to shower" crew and a FBI (Female Booty Inspector) shirt for the Jersey/Long Island crowd.


At 10/4/06, 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I REALLY wanted to see "House of Carters", and I watched the first five minutes of it but then my dad came home so I changed the channel because I didn't want him to think I was a bad person.


At 10/6/06, 9:36 AM, Anonymous Katie said...

Yesterday (Thursday) in my seminar class my professor, who has never missed an episode of 7th Heaven, was talking about dysfunctional families on TV, and I named "House of Carters." He stopped what he was saying and said, "That show was surprisingly addictive, don't you think?" and we spent a few minutes talking about the show.

At 10/6/06, 2:09 PM, Anonymous anonymous' dad said...

Aha! I KNEW it!!!

At 10/6/06, 2:09 PM, Anonymous anonymous' dad said...

Aha! I KNEW it!!!

At 10/12/06, 10:35 PM, Blogger Mer said...

I know this is an old post and I meant to comment earlier...better late than never. When you said smells bad I was thinking of dirty punk rock kids at the basement shows we play not TAG or AXE or whatever the guys who read Maxim wear. Just a different perspective on smelliness.


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