Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Amy Sedaris and Will Smith!

I was at Amy Sedaris's book signing last night and it was amazing! I wrote all about it on Comedy Central Insider, so check it out: http://ccinsider.comedycentral.com/cc_insider/2006/10/amy_sedaris_on_.html

Before that I did some more snooping around the set of "I Am Legend," the new Will Smith sci-fi blockbuster. It was filming around the corner from where I work, so during my lunch break Katie and I explored the set, hoping to get a glimpse of the Fresh Prince himself. Needless to say, it was my most exciting lunch break yet. Here's what it looked like.

set up for a massive crane shot, corner of 56th & 5th

notice the Christmas wreath
we hid behind the fake greenery
PAs trying to stop 5th Ave. snots from shopping for five minutes
finally the moment we've been waiting for. this was taken while the scene was actually being filmed. check out the gun.
and here's Will walking back after the scene. he has relinquished hold of the gun to the prop man.


At 10/18/06, 6:38 PM, Anonymous herm said...

i know patrick's last name and i will sell it to anyone willing to pay a sufficient fee!

ps-nice site walter, it was a pleasure conversing with you today.

At 10/21/06, 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares?

At 10/21/06, 1:27 PM, Blogger patrick said...

uh oh, looks like someone missed the inside joke train.


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