Tuesday, October 10, 2006

CC Insider and Sandra Bernhard

I'm excited to announce that I'm now a guest blogger for Comedy Central's blog, Comedy Central Insider. My first post is about the Freak Show Premiere party that I managed to get into last Wednesday night. Follow the link below and read all about it.

Sneaking In: The Freak Show Premiere Party

Below are a few details that didn't make it to the CC Insider post.

Wednesday night I met my friend Kathleen in the West Village. We walked through the set of the new Will Smith movie, which has been filming outside of her office for the past few days (coincidentally, it was filming right outside of my apartment Monday). The set-up was quite elaborate. There were cars covered in dust, fake holiday displays in the Tower Records window, and fake shrubbery everywhere- meant to look like it was rooting up from the ground, buildings, etc. These were the scenes for the post-apocalyptic New York City where the movie takes place. After grabbing a quick bite at Atlas, we walked to the Canal Room, where the Strays (a band on the label she works for) was opening for Veruca Salt. After checking out the Strays, I headed over to the Cake Shop, where my friend Erik was playing. (this is where the CC Insider story picks up)

And the funniest part of the night, in my opinion:

During one commercial break, an On Demand commercial came on featuring clips from "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector." When he realized his arch enemy was on the screen in front of him, David Cross hollered as loud as he could, leading everyone else around him in sarcastic praise of the man who devoted a chapter of his book, Git-R-Done, to slamming David Cross and the liberal media. He ran up to the screen and posed with an enthusiastic thumbs up, but his lady friend couldn't snap the picture in time. Looks like he'll have to drum up a new idea for Christmas cards this year.

I'll be posting more stories as they happen, so keep checking CC Insider for the latest news.

In other news, Sandra Bernhard was at the Dave Hill Explosion at the UCB theater Thursday night. She said she just came from the red carpet premier of "A Chorus Line" and then treated the crowd to a few minutes from one of the show's songs. Earlier in the day she had dinner with Rosie O'Donnell and girlfriend. The conversation was pretty mild until the topic of "The View" came up. Dave Hill brought up the section on her wikipedia page titled "The View Controversy." First, Sandra had a few choice words about Elizabeth Hasselbeck. "Who the fuck is she? Was she at the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip at 2 in the morning performing for 3 people in 1976?" Then she shared a few thoughts about Star Jones. "I saw her at a Knicks game once and she just hovered over the buffet. This was pre-stomach staple... I'm glad she can eat now... (in black voice) eat her some friiiieeeed chicken up in Harlem, and some mashed potatoes, and some collared greens, and some chitlins..." As if the all white audience wasn't uncomfortable enough, she added, "Star Jones is a nigger-bitch." The crowd, wallowing in its own sea of white guilt, made awkward noises to signal to each other that they most certainly did not approve of the use of this derogatory word. "Oh, don't tell me I can't say nigger-bitch! I can say nigger-bitch if I want to. I used to hang out with Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney! I'm from Flynt, MI. People used to pass by me and call me a 'Nigger-lip bitch,' so I said, fine, I'll be a nigger-lip bitch you little white cunt..." And that's why I love Sandra Bernhard.
But somehow even this amazing display of candidness was upstaged... by none other than little Michael Jackson, an MJ impersonator no bigger than Verne Troyer. Only at the UCB.


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